The Karel Appel Foundation, a non-profit, private organization, was established in Amsterdam on May 19th 1999, with the Registry of Foundations, ref. no. 333.069.26, fed. no. 80 83 86 372 B 01.
At that time the Foundation took over the supervision of the Karel Appel Archive, which it now maintains and updates regularly.

The purpose of the foundation is to preserve the artworks, to promote public awareness and knowledge of Karel Appel’s oeuvre and to supervise publication of the Oeuvre Catalogue of the paintings, the works on paper and the sculptures.

The Karel Appel Foundation holds all of the copyrights. The intellectual rights of the artist are retained by the heir, who exercises and administers sole power over the artistic property linked to Karel Appel’s work for the purposes of protecting the name, image, and rights deriving from the person of the artist, as well as everything relating to the defence of the said work and person.